what's up?


1937 pontiac

didn't end up at the broiler tonight. pretty much if i don't go directly from work to a show in the evening, i'm most likely not going. started feeling ill anyway. i blame the slice of pizza i had when i got home.

so i dug up this shot from there i took last year. haven't seen this car since, but i don't go over there so much, for all i know, its there all the time. except for the few times i have wandered by. yep, that's the moon above it, or at least the cheshire cat smiling.


note to gary: no, your car wasn't one i entered in the fair this year—it was too late—i'm thinking maybe next year. and what fun is it if i tell you now which ones were accepted? kinda like letting a pregnant woman know if its a boy or a girl before it pops. i'll let you know after the fair starts, so you can save yourself a trip all the way out from the boonies. thanks for your interest, at least i know one person is actually reading my drivel.