what's up?

feeling old


i think i can almost see my mom in the mirror. eh, probably just the invite for another high school reunion i got the other day. thinking about skipping it. no one will miss me anyway. i can spend that money on a date out with my better half instead and have more fun.

i'm tired. wasn't as busily stressed at work today. short reprieve before another storm there. they're rethinking one of my projects and will combine it with another, so it's just a bit delayed is all. no worries, there's another rush job coming in tomorrow.

thinking about going to the broiler on wednesday. wonder if it will be worth the drive? i know i'm getting burnt out at work, when all i can do is count down the days until the next weekend before the weekend is over.

i suppose we're late deciding on doing a vacation this year, so i don't have that to look forward to yet. i do get to go to vegas in september, but by myself, and i don't gamble, drink or smoke, so what do i do? same as last time i went...look up some car shows, though i probably will only stop at the one on the way home. hate to lose my parking place once i'm in the garage.

i get to take care of my son's dog while he goes off to england to study law for a month. i guess i can pretend that's a vacation, though it will force me to cut back on going to most car shows until he gets home.

i will definitely make an exception and go to the san fernando high school show at the end of july though. didn't even get through half the cars there before we had to leave last year. too hot for my better half's nephew.

all right. i'm just rambling now, so i guess i'll call it a night. what a geez.