what's up?

caddies & coffee


there always seems to be groups of cadillacs here at bob's. a couple of new ones have started coming around, though i'm pretty sure i've seen them somewhere before. lovely pointy fins and nice tail lights, even with their imperfections. and if one happens to park here, in one of my favorite parking spaces, i can't help but take a shot.


anyone going to the new weekly show over at the great park farmer's market in irvine on sunday? i've never even bothered to go there, but i think the show just started up last week. wondering what i might find there.

of course, after a week of perfect summer weather in january, there's a 20% chance of rain. well, it did get cloudy on wednesday...i'm starting to think my better half is causing the exceptions to the perfect weather – he went with me to the broiler on wednesday, and says he'll go with me on sunday. kinda sucks, because i hardly ever get him to a show anymore, and the weather keeps the cars away. 

i think a former co-worker has a stand in the market, so i guess i can at least say hi.