what's up?

le rouge et le noir


i've been to a few shows the past couple of weeks. feels good to get out and shoot. met some new people, chatted with people i've met the past couple of years. so much for forgetting old acquaintances, right? silly idea anyway.

i hadn't been to fuddruckers in a while. they finally finished up with all the construction in the parking lot, so hopefully the show will pick up again.

this was a striking color combination on this old car. not quite sure what year it is, but i'm sure somebody can tell me.

i cropped this image down to 8x10 proportions, but thinking maybe i should have left it as it was...more of the sky would have been better, since it really was pretty as the sun was setting.

i think i need to recalibrate this monitor yet again...it's looking a little yellow to me...how's it for you?