what's up?


made it out to rialto yesterday. really need to get there very early to not get hit by the heat that radiates from the big fireball in the sky. i know that, but i just didn't get out of bed early enough.

hadn't felt good the night before, after eating dinner at one of the local bbq places. so was pretty unsure about wanting to go that far to the show. but i've enjoyed it the last couple of years, so figured i'd be ok. i could always check-in at a hotel if need be.

i parked near the other end of the strip this year, the less crowded part. this was the first car i wanted to get a shot of. always go for the old chevy. beautiful.

turns out this car was one i saw in riverside last month. i have a couple shots of it there, with the hood up, and showing the john 3:16 message in there with the engine. i know this because the owner offered to let me see the engine, if i wanted to shoot that too, but no, i prefer the hood down look. if he really wants to see the other shots, he can let me know, and i'll post them here.

he can click here to buy a print of either of these.

briefly considered finding a movie theatre and hanging out for several hours to allow me to go to a couple of afternoon shows in colton and covina, but just didn't feel like it. as it was, there was a sig alert on the 10, so had to get down to the 60. was an easy drive, even with the idiots driving crazy out there.

got home, downloaded my pictures, rested a bit, and then went over the groupe car show in santa fe springs. close-by, and quick. probably missed more cars being there, but what was left was enough.

got a headache right now, but really wanting to go to santa ana to the viejitos/pistoles show. then maybe lunch at disneyland. if my mother-in-law is really feeling up to it. almost eleven and she's still sleeping...