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1947 chevy fleetline

1947 chevy fleetline

here’s a fleetline from the azalea festival in south gate. so sparsely attended this past year, was relatively easy to set up a good shot from any angle.


sitting in an eatery uptown. apparently they had a pride parade or something earlier here in whittier. or it could just be halloween is coming, but i did see a guy dressed as a nun wearing a fully oversized headdress, a la sally field’s flying nun, only like albatross size.

a group of large local college gurls are in here dressed half assed pridey, with rainbow hair and a ribbon, but otherwise, just jeans and tshirts. they’re using valley girlesque speech to talk about some guy they all seem to know in common, and how if they ask if he wants to “smash” and he says no, he’ll still be their friend. i’m thinking, they’re here for the pride thing not because they are gay, but more just so they can dress up and say they were there. sounded like shallow dipshits anyway, the type that can get a guy to “smash” them after a few too many drinks and last call. stupid bitches.

i’m in a mood. alarm went off at five-fifteen, as directed. every intention of going to a nearby car show pancake breakfast fundraiser. then went back to bed instead. maybe i’ll try an evening show later.

stayed up too late chatting with my better half, who i haven’t seen for most of a week because i’ve been sick. unless you count the five minutes i came back to whittier to get clothes. he met me at the back door wearing black rubber gloves and a face mask—no, he wasn’t suggesting what could be a good time for some people—he handed me the same, then ran off to the front room.

his mother’s door was closed and i was allowed to go back to our room to pack some clothes. he could have packed a bag and left it outside but was afraid he’d pick the wrong things, so ok. he called me patient zero. surprised he didn’t ask me to say, “i am oz. the great and powerful..” or some heavy metal songs…”bow to me splendidly…” i think he expected me to float off the ground and my head to do a three-sixty, nashing my teeth.

threw some stuff together and left quickly. no doubt he lysol-bombed the room, hallway and laundry room after i left. the usual steps to keep his mother from catching a cold which would put her in the hospital. whatever.

i’m also an idiot for trying to wean off of some medicine i’d been taking for over a year, only to realize i’d been taking the incorrect dosages about the time i’m down to what should have been the last days of the stuff. no wonder i was sooooo tired, and apparently, probably caught the cold as an added bonus because of it.

so, i’m put back on about half of what i was originally taking, and slowly going to taper off all over again. nasty shit, supposedly really bad to take for long periods of time, and i was feeling a lot of the negative side effects. hoping what i was originally taking the stuff for has gone away, because i don’t have a lot of options otherwise. alternative med made me swell up and just want to die, which is generally not a desired result.

hmmm, what else is going on since i last shared? lots of things, many i shouldn’t mention, cuz it’s not about me. i’m an observer—could i just share my observations? maybe some other time.

as usual, too much work, looming deadlines, not enough hired help. out of the office for two days didn’t help either.

daughter and her dog beast living at my mom’s now. another broken boyfriend, who was “the one” out the door. she has no where else to go with that big dog. i was in the process of kicking her out of my condo, when the hoa changed the rules so her beast isn’t allowed anyway. come to think of it, they probably changed them because of that dog.

sister should be coming back from a vacation in russia this weekend. always to strange, far off places. i always wonder if she’ll make it back alive, if not in some foreign prison, accused of being a spy or transporting exotic monkeys in unmentionable places. interesting stories galore, but, i’d have no interest in going so far for a good time.

i suppose i should head back to the house. probably have to go to the office tomorrow, so need to spend “quality” time with my guy. the way i’m feeling, it will probably be more like a long nap instead.