what's up?


i must say, life keeps on keeping on. car shows come and gone, and i missed them, and it doesn't matter. got other things on my mind, and there's always another show, another year.

mother-in-law in, then out, then in the hospital again. supposed to get out later today. guess that's how it's gonna be for a while. that's what we all have to look forward to, if we're lucky enough to live that long. my dad is up to bat next, just needs to get that scheduled. 

myself, got stuck for lab tests today. annual physical coming up anyway, and to see if there's something i might be allergic to, though that has never been an issue, like, ever. [say it like a teenage girrrrl] 

anyway, things may be going to hell in a handbasket, but i got my hairs done red again. kept that appointment; if anything happens, it doesn't matter if i was there or not. 

so i'm gonna look good for about twenty-four hours, then i'll just go back to shabby old me, but with red hair. sometimes i wish i was good at girling...make-up and hair...but i just can't. i'll just keep looking like a pudgy long-haired version of my brother. 


hoping to head back to whittier tonight, and post more pictures. that i can do.  


here's a shot of something different from my usual. need to clear my head. fugly, but interesting at the same time, these beaters are distinctly unique [redundant?], and can be slightly challenging to frame up or find which point to focus interest on. 


i need to get to bed, but i was messing around with this picture. still needs some tweaks, but i wanted to post something. my hard drive is almost completely full, so i'm surprised i got it to do this much.

saw this rivi at los boulevardos show last week. i should really post some other point of view of it, so you can see the really interesting paint job on the roof.

there are a couple of shows to choose from tomorrow, and i've never been to either one, so don't know when to go or where to park. i think they start later, so no point at beating the sunrise really. wait too late, no parking and i can't take the heat.

stayed at my mom's house last night. woke up this morning with half my cheek puffed up a bit, and my eye sort of squeezing shut. guessing something bit me in the night, otherwise i have no other explanation. kind of calmed down to mostly normal by the end of the day.

if it had turned red, into pink eye, i would have blamed my brother...maybe he let one go on my pillow when i wasn't looking...


sky is the limit

1957 ford fairlane

looking forward to a weekend in san diego, and the chicano park car show. still a week and a half away...can't get here soon enough.

it's been a tough few weeks at work, with one of the other designers off on a three week vacation. i was stressed out yesterday, with all the deadlines piling up, and just trying to prioritize which were real and which could slip a bit. just got a bit paralyzed for a bit while deciding. boss came by just as a rush request came in by email, and let's just say for someone who is typically very quiet, i might have had a small cow, man.

he checked on me again in the afternoon, and asked if i needed to go home and basically chill. thoughts of getting a punching bag in the office crossed my mind, or one of those inflatable clowns that really only last for one swift kick before they pop, with the sandbag flying. that' a good sign it's time to plan my own vacation.

maybe tomorrow my better half and i can just pull a destination out of a hat, since both of us, are overworked, and anywhere together would be good.

someone commented on my flickr site that it was about time i posted something besides a chevy. but how could i not? this ford, with this sky, just had to shoot it. but really, i shoot more than just chevys; what gets posted is whatever appeals to me on any particular day.

if someone tells me story about a car, i'll retell it in a post, usually not as well as i was told. my memory eludes me, if i don't take notes or post it that night. or if they ask to see a picture of their car, i highlight it in my files, and try to get one up fairly soon.

and the rest of them, that i post, are just for me, because they make me happy, and they make my better half go, "dam...why didn't i see that one?"

where the sun shines

1963 cadillac

we did leave chino just as it started to sprinkle. weather app said whittier rain wasn't expected for another couple of hours, so we decided we'd circle back over to legg lake, and see if anything showed up for that rain or shine picnic.

los boulevardos cruises usually bring in a lot of cars we love to shoot. after paying the six dollar entry fee, we hoped to find a few cars before the rain came back. our lenses aren't waterproof, and more than a light sprinkle ends our fun. 

drove in the opposite entrance from the one we usually take, and could not see the parking lot that the cars usually park at from there. driving around the curve, my better half spied at least a few, so yay.

only a couple of short rows of cars, but enough to make the stop worth it.

almost as soon as we got out of the car, and started pulling gear from the bags, it started to sprinkle. everything back in the bags. we were standing under a tree, so we decided to wait a few minutes to see if would stop or get worse.

car owners went to the tents or to their cars for umbrellas. none drove away, for just this light rain. used my phone to shoot a couple of cars that drove in while we waited.

fortunately, it stopped, so we got moving again. sky was still pretty gray, so while my better half started at the closest cars, i headed to the other end, to work my way back. figured i could dash into the bathroom facilities to pack it up, if the rain started again.

i got a few shots i really like before it really did start raining harder. i got most of the cars i wanted to shoot, except for one black truck, that a group of guys just wouldn't move their butts from in front of the better side to shoot it from. so, skipped it. just a shiny truck anyway. just liked the reflections in the paint.

this is one of the cars we watched driving in from under the tree. managed to take it with the big camera before the rain made us leave. i liked the pinstriping on the trunk.

the bright, yet dull yellow lit up the overcast day, with just enough pop to stand out.


where did the weekend go? so tired, gotta get to bed, so quick post tonight.

saw this chevy at the los boulevardos show.

it's nice. fairly typical; i have lots of shots of them. what caught my eye specifically was the plaque in the back window. there was a serape in the back that was reflecting onto it, and i just loved the colors.

voodoo child

so i drove my tired butt over to legg lake today. i had been searching online for something else last month when the flyer for the los boulevardos show popped up. i went there for one before, so expected the same variety of cars to show up.

i bought a new wide angle lens, that my better half had recommended. supposed to be better, sharper than the one i've used for the last four or five years. i've taken it out for a couple of days now. still testing it out, so not loving it yet. gotta find the setting that looks best for what i do.

so, in homage to the hosts of the show, here's one of their cars. clean and low, i liked the small details, the light use of decorative pinstripes, and even the dingle balls. i guess the white furry dashboard is interesting enough, but i can only imagine how dusty it must get and the difficulty keeping it show-worthy clean.

thinking about a couple of shows tomorrow, assuming the weathermen are incorrect as always, and the predicted rain will either not happen, or will wait for monday drive time. oh joy.