what's up?

sky is the limit

1957 ford fairlane

looking forward to a weekend in san diego, and the chicano park car show. still a week and a half away...can't get here soon enough.

it's been a tough few weeks at work, with one of the other designers off on a three week vacation. i was stressed out yesterday, with all the deadlines piling up, and just trying to prioritize which were real and which could slip a bit. just got a bit paralyzed for a bit while deciding. boss came by just as a rush request came in by email, and let's just say for someone who is typically very quiet, i might have had a small cow, man.

he checked on me again in the afternoon, and asked if i needed to go home and basically chill. thoughts of getting a punching bag in the office crossed my mind, or one of those inflatable clowns that really only last for one swift kick before they pop, with the sandbag flying. that' a good sign it's time to plan my own vacation.

maybe tomorrow my better half and i can just pull a destination out of a hat, since both of us, are overworked, and anywhere together would be good.

someone commented on my flickr site that it was about time i posted something besides a chevy. but how could i not? this ford, with this sky, just had to shoot it. but really, i shoot more than just chevys; what gets posted is whatever appeals to me on any particular day.

if someone tells me story about a car, i'll retell it in a post, usually not as well as i was told. my memory eludes me, if i don't take notes or post it that night. or if they ask to see a picture of their car, i highlight it in my files, and try to get one up fairly soon.

and the rest of them, that i post, are just for me, because they make me happy, and they make my better half go, "dam...why didn't i see that one?"