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where the sun shines

1963 cadillac

we did leave chino just as it started to sprinkle. weather app said whittier rain wasn't expected for another couple of hours, so we decided we'd circle back over to legg lake, and see if anything showed up for that rain or shine picnic.

los boulevardos cruises usually bring in a lot of cars we love to shoot. after paying the six dollar entry fee, we hoped to find a few cars before the rain came back. our lenses aren't waterproof, and more than a light sprinkle ends our fun. 

drove in the opposite entrance from the one we usually take, and could not see the parking lot that the cars usually park at from there. driving around the curve, my better half spied at least a few, so yay.

only a couple of short rows of cars, but enough to make the stop worth it.

almost as soon as we got out of the car, and started pulling gear from the bags, it started to sprinkle. everything back in the bags. we were standing under a tree, so we decided to wait a few minutes to see if would stop or get worse.

car owners went to the tents or to their cars for umbrellas. none drove away, for just this light rain. used my phone to shoot a couple of cars that drove in while we waited.

fortunately, it stopped, so we got moving again. sky was still pretty gray, so while my better half started at the closest cars, i headed to the other end, to work my way back. figured i could dash into the bathroom facilities to pack it up, if the rain started again.

i got a few shots i really like before it really did start raining harder. i got most of the cars i wanted to shoot, except for one black truck, that a group of guys just wouldn't move their butts from in front of the better side to shoot it from. so, skipped it. just a shiny truck anyway. just liked the reflections in the paint.

this is one of the cars we watched driving in from under the tree. managed to take it with the big camera before the rain made us leave. i liked the pinstriping on the trunk.

the bright, yet dull yellow lit up the overcast day, with just enough pop to stand out.