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pretty maids...

veteranos car club

another from yesterday. i suspect this isn't all of the club, but my better half talked to the owner of the pontiac, who said the other members had him check the weather outside, being that he lived close to the area, and after reporting that it was half dry and half wet, they decided to just sleep in.

apparently, some other car owner he knows called him very early wondering where he was, being that he was at the show, there was no rain, and plenty of parking.

this parking lot should have been packed, but because of the clouds, it wasn't. seems it was not a problem getting there late, and still possible to park with the group.

so i shot them, without too many people walking through the shot. this one from one point, on my tripod. thinking i should have moved myself a bit vs the pivoting the ball head on the tripod, to avoid this distortion.

but i still kinda like it.

good thing this was a group shot, or i wouldn't have shot that one with the hood up. :) it ruins the shot. :)