what's up?


been in seattle for a week. this time a planned vacation. and it was good and needed. didn't care that it rained half the time. weather was perfect the last few days.

flight home was delayed for several hours. something about the previous flight out of lax having to have their onboard computer rebooted. at least sea-tac airport is a really nice place to kill time. lots of shops and dining to choose from. clean and modern. so why the hell is every other airport i've been to, so much better than that crap airport, lax? fix it already.

also thought how it is sort of a small death, preparing for vacation. tying up loose ends, letting things go. giving jobs away to the others. hoping they don't realize they can get by just fine without me, but that they will still be glad to have me back.

i know tomorrow will be a big pain in the ass, going back to the office. it's always the worst part of vacation, and why i put off taking one at all. time out of the office throughs me off, even if its in a good way. like being deprogrammed and being put offline. reboot.

oh, and i'm not going to bore you with my vacation pics. you can find a few on flickr or instagram, if you really must, but they don't belong here. only old car i saw all week was the tail end of a pontiac in the rain, and i didn't have a camera out, so...


got up and went to pomona this morning, just for a few hours. easy to do. wandered around the show cars, found a few interesting cars in the sale area.

i'll put this truck up, since the owner talked to me. i liked the paint color. plain and simple.