what's up?


i don't like oranges, tangerines, cuties, citrus, you name it. i'll drink orange juice, but just can't chomp down on that pithy, grindage of the fruit. especially the big oranges, with the white scum coating the good part.

but i like the orange on this impala. around back of the k1 sports, at the old memories harbor area show last june. little newer model than my fav, 1959, but this is quite nice anyway.

wrong photographer

my better half mentioned that he'd received an email from someone looking for pictures of his truck. said my better half had taken pictures of it at this show in gardena, and he wanted a copy cuz he's selling it or something.

there's been a few back and forths about it, and it didn't sound like a happy ending in their exchange.

for one thing. my better half has never gone to a show in gardena. that'd be me. twice now. don't know how he got the email address in that case. 

there's always that second consideration my better half mentions a lot. a lot. he thinks they're scared to ask me. he's my middleman. he's my cheery side. i'm dark and twisty. he compares me to wednesday on the addams family...i wanna be perky...but i'll scare the other kids if i smile too fake-like.

he gets random requests like this once in a while. and most of the time, when he mentions it to me, ya, it was me they should be asking.

so from what he told me, i think it's this truck. i have a back end view of it too, but it was pretty tight, so it looks a mile long. it looks too green on my monitor. not how i remember it. guess i'll have to tweak it and tone it down.

so, boo.

bevy of chevys

ok, one more from the old memories show, then i'm gonna put up a few from yesterday's solitos show.

i think all of the cars in this shot are old memories' cars. i liked the "patina" on this one. evidence that this isn't the original hood ornament either.


oh, and happy father's day to my dad. he mostly can't hear what i say anymore. i think i'm on a different frequency...to which my better half would probably agree...so i'll just write it here, since i know he peeks once in a while. i'll take him out to dinner in a couple of days, when it isn't so crowded at the restaurants. i don't follow the holiday rules anyway.

celebrate your parents everyday. who knows how much time you will have them. i hope they know that i love them, though we have a tough time saying it to each other. stiff upper lip or something.

plain and simple

rather like when cars don't get all the bells and whistles that muck up the lines of the car.

last shot before i left the old memories show. sun was high and i was melting.

it is quite nice when the car is buffed to a fine shine. just don't like how it always captures my reflection as well as the lovely tripod.

more to come

i received a request to see some of the club's cars from last week, so i'll post a few. been very busy, and was out of town, so i've been unable to get back to the pictures until now.

first picture i took of the day. up at the front. hard to miss a red car, so i didn't. sky was so wonderfully overcast this early, but soon burned off.

i'll add a few more tomorrow.


by the by, i must share that i've had some pictures accepted for the orange county fair again. six to be exact, but only a couple that i had really hoped, and the rest, as usual, no rhyme or reason why they like one over another. and not all car related. as a co-worker said when i told her..."yay, i get to play where's waldo looking for the others..." sorry riverside gary, they didn't choose yours...or yours, armando.

i'll just add any others down here at the bottom.

like a moth

made it out to the old memories harbor area's second annual benefit show in gardena. had been there last year, and really had a good time, with lots of cars. happy to report, same good attitudes, and, i think an even better show. organization was good, lots of wonderful cars and clubs represented. any worry that the ink and iron show would take away cars was unnecessary.

many of the guys remembered me from last year, which was nice. they were all very enthusiastic about the turn out. really nice bunch of guys. and happily, they didn't seem to mind letting me in early. i arrived just before a long line of cars pulled in. i'd seen them assembling down the street in an empty parking lot. almost stopped over there first.

was still overcast and cool at eight am. wanted to get in as many shots as possible before the sun burned through, and started to get to me. i was having a really good time. even better when i discovered there were some very big fans inside the k1 sports building, and that helped a lot.

up front were a couple of rows of the host club's cars. spent a good bit of time with those. pretty stoked that there were so many of the classic cars i love all around the show.

i got a lot of good pictures. i'll start with this one, because its off in the corner, and no one was wandering through the shot. beautiful car. not sure if or which club it belonged to, since i don't remember seeing a plaque.

i know it's a good show when i run through a camera battery, and still want more. yep, i'm the moth, i can't help myself...

i'd stayed for four hours before i knew it. needed to find some lunch and there were still cars driving up as i was leaving, arguing with myself on whether i should come back for more, or get home and get stuff done...flipped a coin...and went home.

looking forward to next year...great show!

simply shady

while it wasn't as hot as the previous few days, it was warm with a cool breeze, especially in the shade, at the pharaoh south bay's show at fuddrucker's yesterday. i was hoping for a bigger turnout, but with so many shows going on this weekend, who knows what you will get. 

there were enough for me, anyway. took a bunch of pictures. i particularly like the trees at fuddruckers. i like the shade. they're a pretty backdrop. hate when the wind blows and the leaves get all blurry.

meanwhile, people were up front checking out the vendors and the girl singing mariachi songs. good singer. tunes i used to hear most every weekend when i'd be at my former mother-in-law's house, with all the other relatives and siblings. the performance cleared the area, so i was left to happily take lots of pictures with hardly anyone in them.

i think most of the cars in this shot are pharaohs cars. love the cars. not loving the lens i shot them with and the distortion on the end cars. i left my old lens in the car, but figured if i went to fetch it, the moment would be lost, and the people would be back.


1951 chevrolet deluxe

so, i've been able to sneak away from the dog for a few hours at a time on weekends to attend a few car shows. problem is, he doesn't let me spend a lot of time at the computer actually going through what i shot, before he wants attention. he's more work than a toddler.

so i figure, i'll have plenty of pictures to work on when my son gets back from his trip and i get back to my regular routine. and plenty for rainy days, should cali get any of those this year.

did manage to scare that coyote away long enough to get away from him this early morning. it really wanted to come over and say hello. forgot to bring a stick or something, as i wasn't planning on going on such a long walk. hadn't expected to be in his way this weekend, but the dog got me out of bed so early. probably thought i was going to be late for work.

i spent this morning at the viejitos orange county annual car and bike show. i'm downloading those pictures while i blather on here. had to be over a hundred cars and bikes there. i really wanted to get there earlier to miss the heat, and even though i could only manage to get there close to start at 10, it was overcast and cool until at least 11. 

circled around about three times, probably have at least seventy shots of cars, and about sixty ornaments and detail shots to show for the two or three hours i was there. 

saw and spoke with several people i see around a lot. shook hands with raynbow, the head of the viejitos club and the guy running the show. always very welcoming when i see him. he's got a shiny new pontiac he just finished building. too bad there were too many admirers around it when he showed it to me, and when i got back around to it, the hood was up... i'll have to get it at one of their regular monthly shows sometime. really beautiful work though.

handed out my card to the couple of guys that inquired about my photography. i'll warn you, it will be at least a couple more weeks before i can really get to them. and then, i'll only post them if i think the shot or angle or whatever was good.

excellent show. thanks to whichever one of you guys handed me the flyer, or i'd have never known about it.


oh, the above car has taken me about a week to get up here, worked on it a few minutes at a time that i could get the dog to go play with a toy. he's staring at me now, because he knows i'm about to go get my dinner out of the oven.

must be a sale on this neon green paint, because i'm starting to see it more often in the last year. saw this one at the old memories harbor club show from last month. the color definitely gets your attention when it drives through the lot. it calls, i follow...

always a bridesmaid...

1954 chevrolet bel air

made it to the fair yesterday for a couple of hours. good deal on the weekends if you get there the first hour, its only $3 to get in. no lines. didn't feel like riding anything by myself. found my pictures in the visual arts building. yep, got another honorable mention. there was also this one and this one. you can find this one in the flower section. (happy now, gary?) oh well, nice enough to see them up there with all the other great images.

other than that, it's taken me three hours to try and get fifteen minutes to post this picture because of this beast. he's not getting any more tired, and i've taken him out on long walks twice already. now he just wants to play. even threw him a giant beef knuckle bone, which kept him busy for a couple of hours last time, but he's bounced from toy to toy tonight.

anyway, only four more weeks to go...

here's an old memories car from the show at tweedy mile golf course. happy as can be in the clover.