what's up?

more to come

i received a request to see some of the club's cars from last week, so i'll post a few. been very busy, and was out of town, so i've been unable to get back to the pictures until now.

first picture i took of the day. up at the front. hard to miss a red car, so i didn't. sky was so wonderfully overcast this early, but soon burned off.

i'll add a few more tomorrow.


by the by, i must share that i've had some pictures accepted for the orange county fair again. six to be exact, but only a couple that i had really hoped, and the rest, as usual, no rhyme or reason why they like one over another. and not all car related. as a co-worker said when i told her..."yay, i get to play where's waldo looking for the others..." sorry riverside gary, they didn't choose yours...or yours, armando.

i'll just add any others down here at the bottom.