what's up?

like a moth

made it out to the old memories harbor area's second annual benefit show in gardena. had been there last year, and really had a good time, with lots of cars. happy to report, same good attitudes, and, i think an even better show. organization was good, lots of wonderful cars and clubs represented. any worry that the ink and iron show would take away cars was unnecessary.

many of the guys remembered me from last year, which was nice. they were all very enthusiastic about the turn out. really nice bunch of guys. and happily, they didn't seem to mind letting me in early. i arrived just before a long line of cars pulled in. i'd seen them assembling down the street in an empty parking lot. almost stopped over there first.

was still overcast and cool at eight am. wanted to get in as many shots as possible before the sun burned through, and started to get to me. i was having a really good time. even better when i discovered there were some very big fans inside the k1 sports building, and that helped a lot.

up front were a couple of rows of the host club's cars. spent a good bit of time with those. pretty stoked that there were so many of the classic cars i love all around the show.

i got a lot of good pictures. i'll start with this one, because its off in the corner, and no one was wandering through the shot. beautiful car. not sure if or which club it belonged to, since i don't remember seeing a plaque.

i know it's a good show when i run through a camera battery, and still want more. yep, i'm the moth, i can't help myself...

i'd stayed for four hours before i knew it. needed to find some lunch and there were still cars driving up as i was leaving, arguing with myself on whether i should come back for more, or get home and get stuff done...flipped a coin...and went home.

looking forward to next year...great show!