what's up?

strike a pose

quick post to start today. upon returning to town yesterday, i went back out to the solitos show down the street. got there after noon, so i suspect a lot of cars had come and gone already. 

anyway, i'll get to those cars after a few more from the harbor show.

noting this one, as i hadn't seen any pontiacs in the church lot, and spied it on the way back to my car. always stop to shoot the hood ornaments. as i was pulling out my camera, this lady come out of the house, saying it was her car, and jokingly saying to take a picture of her with her car. ok, why not? 

opting not to pull out the other camera, this one had the 100mm lens on it, so i would have had to back up half way down the block to get the whole car in the shot. besides, i had left my bag and tripod in the way, so i hope she doesn't mind this snap of her and her car. you're infamous now, as i don't post too many peeps and their cars here. but you asked, so here you are. nice to meet you, and thanks for letting me snag a picture of your hood ornament.