what's up?

always a bridesmaid...

1954 chevrolet bel air

made it to the fair yesterday for a couple of hours. good deal on the weekends if you get there the first hour, its only $3 to get in. no lines. didn't feel like riding anything by myself. found my pictures in the visual arts building. yep, got another honorable mention. there was also this one and this one. you can find this one in the flower section. (happy now, gary?) oh well, nice enough to see them up there with all the other great images.

other than that, it's taken me three hours to try and get fifteen minutes to post this picture because of this beast. he's not getting any more tired, and i've taken him out on long walks twice already. now he just wants to play. even threw him a giant beef knuckle bone, which kept him busy for a couple of hours last time, but he's bounced from toy to toy tonight.

anyway, only four more weeks to go...

here's an old memories car from the show at tweedy mile golf course. happy as can be in the clover.