what's up?

on my own today

chevy deluxe

got the weekend off from the dog, to give my lame foot a break from all the walking, er, being pulled around by the dog. my better half is back at home with a fever, so i pretty much just stayed here in my condo alone. enjoying the quiet.

slept in late, then went to a car show at the garden grove elks club, which i hadn't been to in a couple of years. ernie told me he'd been asked to run it, and he mentioned it to me, so since i had the time, thought i'd check it out.

wasn't as busy as i remembered it being, but there was still some stuff to shoot. a bunch of latin gents were there, so their cars are always worth shooting. spent about an hour there, before i overheated. of course, as i packed up and got in the car, another nice car drove in. briefly had an inner arguement about getting the stuff back out to shoot it or just waiting for some other time. ya, i left. it was another latin gents car, so i'll see it again.

spent the rest of the day cleaning, doing laundry and made some cookies. stuff that is more difficult to get done with the dog around. hoping to go to the fair tomorrow to see my pictures hanging on the wall. trying to talk my bro into going, otherwise, i'll just go by myself, early before it gets too hot. then back to pick up the puppy.