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el canas, again

el canas

ok, throwing you a bone. the owner of this car has joked with me for several years now. ran into him yesterday at ruby's, on a brief break from the dog. i've posted it and his other car a couple of times before, but its been a while.

he confessed to occasionally spending/wasting a couple hours at a time reading my blog. had mentioned that i hadn't been posting much lately, which leads me to wonder how closely he's been reading, as i've mentioned several times that i have become enslaved to a very large puppy for a month and a half.

anyway, i've had this picture of his truck from a hooters show sitting in my to-do collection for a while, so i might as well show it to him now. we'll see if he comments next time i see him...

it's a nice truck, always very clean. here it sits with another car from his club, the wolves. i suppose if he didn't talk to me so much, i would've stopped shooting pictures of it by now, as it really has very simple, plain lines. but i do like how the paint picks up reflections, which is why i sometimes do shoot these types of vehicles.

and in case you were wondering, i've worn the dog out today with three long walks so far, so he's been sleeping at my feet for a while. gonna have to take him on another long walk or two before bed, and my foot is kinda aching already. i really slow him down. three more weeks until the kid comes home...i've been counting down the days since he left.

ok, i guess i better work on a couple of other projects while the hairy child is still sleeping.