what's up?


1951 chevrolet deluxe

so, i've been able to sneak away from the dog for a few hours at a time on weekends to attend a few car shows. problem is, he doesn't let me spend a lot of time at the computer actually going through what i shot, before he wants attention. he's more work than a toddler.

so i figure, i'll have plenty of pictures to work on when my son gets back from his trip and i get back to my regular routine. and plenty for rainy days, should cali get any of those this year.

did manage to scare that coyote away long enough to get away from him this early morning. it really wanted to come over and say hello. forgot to bring a stick or something, as i wasn't planning on going on such a long walk. hadn't expected to be in his way this weekend, but the dog got me out of bed so early. probably thought i was going to be late for work.

i spent this morning at the viejitos orange county annual car and bike show. i'm downloading those pictures while i blather on here. had to be over a hundred cars and bikes there. i really wanted to get there earlier to miss the heat, and even though i could only manage to get there close to start at 10, it was overcast and cool until at least 11. 

circled around about three times, probably have at least seventy shots of cars, and about sixty ornaments and detail shots to show for the two or three hours i was there. 

saw and spoke with several people i see around a lot. shook hands with raynbow, the head of the viejitos club and the guy running the show. always very welcoming when i see him. he's got a shiny new pontiac he just finished building. too bad there were too many admirers around it when he showed it to me, and when i got back around to it, the hood was up... i'll have to get it at one of their regular monthly shows sometime. really beautiful work though.

handed out my card to the couple of guys that inquired about my photography. i'll warn you, it will be at least a couple more weeks before i can really get to them. and then, i'll only post them if i think the shot or angle or whatever was good.

excellent show. thanks to whichever one of you guys handed me the flyer, or i'd have never known about it.


oh, the above car has taken me about a week to get up here, worked on it a few minutes at a time that i could get the dog to go play with a toy. he's staring at me now, because he knows i'm about to go get my dinner out of the oven.

must be a sale on this neon green paint, because i'm starting to see it more often in the last year. saw this one at the old memories harbor club show from last month. the color definitely gets your attention when it drives through the lot. it calls, i follow...