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1936 dodge

1936 dodge

made it out to the oldies san fernando car show today. been waiting all year, since attending the last one, when we'd driven out there and were happily satisfied by how many cars were there. unfortunately, my better half, who has been getting over pneumonia, had to bail on accompanying me at the last minute, after a particularly bad coughing bout. thinks he strained a muscle or had a back spasm, and didn't think he'd do very well hauling his camera around in the heat, but not hurt enough that i should stay home and take him to a doctor.

i arrived about an hour before the official opening time. parked around the corner, and walked past the line of cars still pouring in to the show. i wasn't sure if they'd let me in so early, and was resigned to having to sit for an hour watching the cars go through the gate, but the guy letting the cars in noticed me standing there, and said i could go on in, as long as i paid the entrance fee. the show is for the benefit of the school and the football team, so i don't have a problem with it, and had expected to pay anyway. promised the guy i'd stay out of the way, so thank you to the guy at the gate for letting me get an earlier start.

was still overcast for about an hour, so i hurried to shoot what i could. thought it would be best to get to the cars parked on the asphalt earlier, to avoid getting too baked later. glad i brought my hat with me, as i'd forgotten my sunscreen. didn't get too fried, and it was lovely in the shade, with a cool breeze most of the time.

i will say this is an awesome show. well attended, and well organized. people came with good attitudes, and for the most part, quite friendly. they'd even opened an additional lot for cars to park under the solar panels for shade, which had been under construction last year. i made it through the back lots, which i'd had to skip last year because we'd brought the nephew, who can't take the heat even more than i can't. i'll definitely try to make it there again next year.

so many cars to choose from. so i'll start as usual, with one belonging to someone who bothered to chat with me for a few minutes.

the owner of this dodge, told me it was the only one of that year there, and of course, i forgot to type it in my phone, so let's just call it a '36, until he drops me an email to correct me. i want to say he was wearing an oldies car club shirt, but this other dude is photo bombing my shot advertising his car club. actually, i've shot pictures of one of their cars before, come to think of it.

anyway, the owner seemed kind of ashamed of its condition, but said it was all original. he'd bought it from the daughter of the original owner. i think it is just as wonderful as any of the other cars out there, imperfections and all.

***the dog is asleep, in case you were wondering. i'll be paying for it later, when it's my turn to sleep.***