what's up?

underwear or bikinis?


eleven more days | forty-four walks around the neighborhood | forty-four baglettes of shit. that's how i'm counting down until my kid gets home and can have his puppy back. i'm tired. better shape, but tired every day in a good way. i want to get back to playing with my pictures on a more regular basis. just to get time to myself tonight, i've had to bribe the dog with another bone to keep him occupied. i've taken too long and he's finished and is already trying to sleep, but my typing is keeping him from totally going under.

anyway, not soon enough.


here's another from san fernando. i suppose i really should be working on a few from the viejitos show, if i wanted to be all chronological about it, but i tend to jump around to any show from any year, depending on my mood, or if i feel like showing a particular car.

truth be told, i should have worked on the car that was sitting next to this one, since the owner practically invited me to have my way with his car, inside, outside, upside down. what was it, a '39 chevy? ya, the kind that the hood opens up like bird wings. he didn't know i don't usually shoot cars with their hoods up. i like the car, but usually, i'll pass them by. but i did take some. maybe i'll even post one when i get more time.

i liked the angle on this one better.

getting tired, so i'll leave you all with this question to ponder: are these chicks wearing underwear or bikinis? so much i could say about this picture, but i'll button my lip, as i've already said too much tonight.

bikini or underwear?