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road king

harley davidson road king

i rarely shoot motorcycles. usually they're just parked in a position where i can't get into a good spot to get a shot that i'd want. just so happened that this one, from last week's annual viejitos of orange county show, was out in a mostly empty space, with some room to get around it.

owner came over and mentioned he'd just got it done, which i assume meant got it spiffed up with a new paint job and chrome buffiffying. i was just trying to get some shots of the leatherwork on the seat and the paint on the tank and bumpers, for one of my contacts in norway who specializes in that type of thing, custom bikes and leatherwork.

i took a few shots from different angles. i like this one best.


gotta take the dog out. planning to hit the latin gents show for about and hour, and meet up with my better half, who i haven't seen much of over the last five weeks,  to shoot pictures of cars and maybe grab a bite to eat. six more days, i don't know how many hours, until the kid comes home...i'm so over his dog.

also thinking of going to the sultan's show tomorrow, since it is nearby where my niece has moved for school this year. might just pop over and check out her new digs. 

by kathy