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1959 buick

i was going to post this picture yesterday, in between packing up my belongings and cleaning, as my son was returning home from his six weeks in europe yesterday evening. but of course, the internet decided not to work, so all i could do was unplug and pack up the computer to bring back home to whittier.

i'm pretty sure the dog did it. i mean, disabled the internet, so i'd have to pay attention to him. he already figured something was going on, with all the activity that was not normal for a weekend. probably just hit the cable with his tail while he was under the desk.

this buick was from last weekend's sultans show up at signal hill park. i thought the turnout was decent, though i did  hear some rumblings about not as many as were expected, blah, blah, blah. i think they always say that.

don't see many of these cars, and it was sitting up on a hill at the edge of the show, so fewer people in the way. took a bunch of shots, but on a quick glance through the pics, liked this one for the moment, so showing here. ask me again tomorrow, and i'd probably pick a different angle. i do like the shot from the tail end, because it has the swoopy fins that many cars of that year seem to have to some degree.

chatted a little with the owner and his buddy while i shot a few from the back. says he mostly goes to local shows and not all that often, so pretty sure he won't be at the uptown whittier show next week (i will be there, as usual, its my hood, so i can). he did say he was going to take it down to the belmont show whenever that is, but i've heard it gets pretty crowded, so i haven't made the time to go in previous years. who knows, maybe i will this year. depends on what i'm doing.

shot a panorama of his dashboard, because i'm always looking for a nice dashboard to update the one at the top of this page, but just can't seem to find a better one yet. i really liked his decoration hanging from the mirror. didn't ask him if there was a story behind it, as in did he recently get married, or did he just think it was cool.

1959 buick dashboard


like i said previously, i've been able to get out to a few shows on the weekends and shoot, but have just been unable to do more than download and backup the pictures before the dog got impatient with me.

i'm just back from the unidos show this morning, which wasn't as busy as they'd have liked it to be. someone said it was because of the car parts show over at pomona fairgrounds, and some other show going on at the same time. so my better half has just got my computer going again, and i'm downloading pics from this morning while i post this picture intended for yesterday.

thanks to the guys who have been handing off flyers to my better half to give to me, at the couple of shows he went to without me. he thinks its pretty funny when they hand him a flyer for me, and i'm shooting a car nearby — apparently that happened today. i totally understand though, he's so much easier to talk to with his bubbly personality.

i'm blathering on, and i've got several weekends of car show pics to sort through for another post later today. hoping to get back to a more regular schedule of playing with my pictures now, so do check back again, if i talked to you recently.