what's up?

in the pink

made it out to ruby's yesterday. was out of town when the season started, then was driving by last week, but didn't have my camera.

pleasantly surprised that there were so many cars there, in spite of it being a holiday weekend. i took a lot of pics. was there relatively early, so i guess a lot of people were inside having dinner, and leaving me mostly to myself with the cars.

saw the owner of this car. hadn't seen him in a long while. he always sits by the speakers, so i can barely understand what he is saying. always welcomes me with a hug. not a big hugger, but there are a few that i do allow.

pretty car. i think he told me once it was his girlfriend's car, but i could be wrong. i hear so many stories about your cars.

el canas, again

el canas

ok, throwing you a bone. the owner of this car has joked with me for several years now. ran into him yesterday at ruby's, on a brief break from the dog. i've posted it and his other car a couple of times before, but its been a while.

he confessed to occasionally spending/wasting a couple hours at a time reading my blog. had mentioned that i hadn't been posting much lately, which leads me to wonder how closely he's been reading, as i've mentioned several times that i have become enslaved to a very large puppy for a month and a half.

anyway, i've had this picture of his truck from a hooters show sitting in my to-do collection for a while, so i might as well show it to him now. we'll see if he comments next time i see him...

it's a nice truck, always very clean. here it sits with another car from his club, the wolves. i suppose if he didn't talk to me so much, i would've stopped shooting pictures of it by now, as it really has very simple, plain lines. but i do like how the paint picks up reflections, which is why i sometimes do shoot these types of vehicles.

and in case you were wondering, i've worn the dog out today with three long walks so far, so he's been sleeping at my feet for a while. gonna have to take him on another long walk or two before bed, and my foot is kinda aching already. i really slow him down. three more weeks until the kid comes home...i've been counting down the days since he left.

ok, i guess i better work on a couple of other projects while the hairy child is still sleeping.

lone wolf

1939 ford

i suppose i'm up this late because i slept late this morning. i mean until almost noon. and i hardly ever do that, at least later than nine-thirty. guess i needed it.

so i missed the show in yorba linda. but my mom's foot doctor likes taking pictures of stuff like cars, and happened to have gone to the show and already posted stuff. i guess i didn't really miss anything, as i haven't seen much in his pics that i would have taken a picture of.

went to ruby's yesterday. still not as busy as last year, but there were more varied cars there, which i haven't seen before, or in a while. i've seen this one before, but not at ruby's. pretty sure it belongs to the wolves car club. not quite sure why he wasn't parked over with the rest of the pack, except maybe he got there late.

hey steve, liked your bike set up. had all his camera gear in the baskets on his bike, and just cruised up and down the aisles until he saw something he liked, then got up and set up his tripod. easier than carrying that stuff around. he said its got a motor on it too, for when he's too tired to pedal. that's convenient.

got eddie murphy's "raw" playing while i type this. haven't watched this since i was in high school. remember when he used to be funny...?

shadow firmly sewn to my shoes

1939 ford

so a little bit about my weekend, over the next couple of posts. i think i'll go backwards, since i took so many pictures at several shows.

this one is from sunday. i thought about it in the morning: i could have legitimately hit up five shows in one day easily, but decided to stay put in the morning; then off to two shows, and took a late lunch break at disneyland before cruising over to hooters, on my way home to do some laundry. so i only did three shows. good enough.

there was a ducks game sunday evening, so there were people collecting cash to park in the lot. but i was there for the car show, said so, and i guess i don't look like a hockey fan, so they let me through. i had been there the week before, and there were about a 100 cars up at the front, according to the promoter/dj guy. this time they'd been pushed to the back three rows. 

i stayed about an hour, but there really only seemed to be about thirty cars, but i wasn't particularly counting, so what do i know?

i talked to several people, and saw some familiar faces. even a few of the latin gents, whom i'd seen earlier in the day at the viejitos show—which was absolutely packed and jammed with chevy goodness—but that's a story for another day.

the guy that owns this ford watched me shooting for a while, his and other cars, but finally came over to chat a bit. said he loved to see pictures of his car. so, here is my version of it for your consideration.

ya, that's me. peter pan's shadow didn't get away, but at least it's mostly out of the way. 

this one is “ok”

1959 impala

apparently, i'm hard to read. i mean emotionally. i don't get all cranked up one way or another, at least most of the time.

not long after i married my better half, i had the opportunity to travel to london with my brother. spent about a week there, riding the subway, and walking (well, i was mostly limping—i twisted my knee the first day there) and taking pictures.

i heard some time later, that my brother had to ask my better half if i had enjoyed the trip. apparently, even he couldn't tell. and then my better half had to tell him, “i have no idea. when i asked her to tell me all about the trip, she said, "it was ok", and gave no details." sorry, i'm not a gusher. i hope i've gotten a little better, but i'm sure i'll never fully detail what i saw.

my better half sometimes asks my opinion on things. he's learned the translations of what i said vs what i mean. so if i say something was “ok,” coming out the other end of his babblefish (go read hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy), it was probably fairly “bitchin’.”