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low down

1959 chevy impala wagon

i have a hard time passing by the back end of impalas, with their sweeping fins. so i found this version in the form of a wagon unusual, but still enough to make me stop.

turns out to also be a viejitos member, only this one for the inland empire. nice and low. which is exactly how i was to get this shot, which if i remember right, had the owner wondering what the heck i was doing behind his car. for all i know, that's his kid sitting there, wondering the same thing.

this one is “ok”

1959 impala

apparently, i'm hard to read. i mean emotionally. i don't get all cranked up one way or another, at least most of the time.

not long after i married my better half, i had the opportunity to travel to london with my brother. spent about a week there, riding the subway, and walking (well, i was mostly limping—i twisted my knee the first day there) and taking pictures.

i heard some time later, that my brother had to ask my better half if i had enjoyed the trip. apparently, even he couldn't tell. and then my better half had to tell him, “i have no idea. when i asked her to tell me all about the trip, she said, "it was ok", and gave no details." sorry, i'm not a gusher. i hope i've gotten a little better, but i'm sure i'll never fully detail what i saw.

my better half sometimes asks my opinion on things. he's learned the translations of what i said vs what i mean. so if i say something was “ok,” coming out the other end of his babblefish (go read hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy), it was probably fairly “bitchin’.”


under the bleachers

1959 chevy impala

another quick post. had to work late, which messed up my plans to go to the broiler tonight. but the big show is this saturday, so i figure most anything i might want will be available right up the street from my home.

this was a spectacular impala. parked back here behind/below the bleachers. hope it won something for all trouble the owner has put into it.

talk this way

1959 chevrolet impala

these cars were one my original favorites when i started playing with cameras again. it's the fins. the curves. like a manta ray. i can appreciate a nice back end—can't you?

not quite sure, since one of the guys in this club didn't respond to my email yet, but i think this one might have won a first place trophy for most original. i suppose my reply to his inquiry is sitting pretty in his junk mail. someone go ask him if this is the one.

gotta go to dana point tomorrow for work stuff. any car shows going on down there? haven't really been to the beach in a few years. maybe i'll stop and fry on the sand.

oh, maybe i could go deep sea fishing. my better half has to work, and he wouldn't do that anyway. don't think i've been since my daughter was little and thought she was saving the anchovies by grabbing them out of the tank and throwing them back into the ocean. all i know is the sea lions next to the boat really enjoyed the free lunch.


1959 chevy impala

took this one back at the beginning of the year in el toro. not too many cars almost every time i'd stop. but i do try to at least take one, so my time has not been wasted.

the owner found me down here shooting the back end of the car. well, it is the more interesting view on these. the hood had been open anyway. but he did go round and close it for me. i took a few different angles. better angles had extraneous cars and hoods in them, which i did not like so well. i liked the sky in this one, so it will do. i did particularly like one from the front, the reflection on the hood, but it is otherwise unremarkable, so i'll keep it tucked away for now.

considering going to disneyland to see the fireworks, but not feeling up to the crowds just now. i think i'll pack it in early and skip the celebrations. but you all have a good time, and be safe.

sometimes, there are just too many people

1959 chevrolet impala

i went to the last show of the year at ruby's yesterday. halloween show. didn't dress up this year, which disappointed reine, who asked where the leopard suit was. thanks dude. lol. she's locked in a box, and probably won't be let back out for a long time.

anyway, as i suspected, it was very busy, very packed with cars. so many that there were cars parked up the aisles. bummer for one lady, who i guess worked in one of the nearby stores, and had parked earlier within the boundaries of the show. she couldn't get her car out because of an old ford parked in the aisle behind her. she had to wait for more than an hour to go home from work; actually, she was still waiting when i left, so i assume she was there until after the raffle and trophies too. she even had them paging for the owner to move it, but i guess they were in ruby's and didn't hear the announcement.

i had stopped at the buena park elks club show right after work, which was disappointing, but that's a story for another post. so by the time i got to this show, the sun was already dropping. that makes for longer exposures. and there were so many people milling about.

i've been avoiding staying late at shows this year, just because i'm tired, but also because of the longer exposures. not saying the pictures can't turn out awesome, cause they do, but because people will walk right into the frame and just stand there. because i don't look like i'm doing anything while the camera does its thing.

well, anyway, this car was pristine. and that kind of car draws the people like a magnet. i'd tried taking some shots earlier, with the sun setting, and they're ok shots of the car, but the people are blurs walking around the car.

i came back to this one before i left, as it was getting closer to the time of the costume parade, and more people were herding toward the front of the show. still not perfect. i took a few points of view. he did close the hood, i have it in another shot, but it's pretty plain from the front view. right now, i kind of like this one. ask me again later, and i'll probably choose one of the other ones.

i do love the fins on these. that's why i have one on the front of my card.

soaring over ca

’59 impala

i don't know why i love the back of these cars so. gotta be the curves. pleases my eyes. kinda looks like a manta ray, at least the lines of its wings.

i've been outta town for a few days, so i'm feeling a bit of withdrawals from my pictures. almost didn't post tonight, as my shoulder is killing me from too many hours of driving over the weekend. yippee for extra strength tylenol. so i'll make this one my quick fix for the evening. now i can go rest.

how could you leave this behind?

1959 chevy impala

so check out so cal tribe member's cars: reine's 1960 cadillac coupe de ville; danny's 1959 chevy impala; and ron's 1963 chevy suburban. was this back before they started their club? i dunno. they usually are together whenever i see them.

this shot from the broiler, in july. the back end is just delicious. below is a shot from a long time ago...actually the first time i ever visited the broiler...but with the tire thinga-ma-bobber on the back, and i don't know why i never posted it before now:

’59 chevy impala

while the wheel thingy is designed to blend into the lines of the car, and is all chromed out, as well as serving to hide an ugly spare tire, it just kills the curves of the trunk. i vote for leaving it off, it's more pleasing to my eyes. but then, it isn't my car, so do what you want. lol.

<begin rant>

i stopped by the broiler tonight. second time in three weeks. big disappointment in turnout. two weeks ago i didn't even bother to get out of the car; today, i figured since i drove all the way out there, i might as well take a few shots, since i was in no hurry. only a handful of cars, and one that i really wanted drove off just before i got back over to it. high fives to the diehards that were there. thanks for saving me from another fruitless drive.

one of the owners said it's too cold. well, what a bunch of wusses. put on a coat why don't you? at least it wasn't raining. sure i know tomorrow is turkey day, but that was no excuse for the other week. and it doesn't only happen at bob's now; just about any evening show, except the one in garden grove is pretty sparse. didn't seem to bother you all last winter. 

i think i'm just torqued up because the holidays are coming and they are my least favorite time of year, with forced good will and smiles, and i hate going shopping.

so i'm mostly going to have to hit the weekend shows during the day or sift through my hundreds of pictures i've taken this past year. could be worse.

<end rant>

have a happy thanksgiving anyway. lol.

if i had wings

'59 impala

would this a be a bat or a raven if it were a bird? this sleek ’59 impala was at the garden grove main street show a couple of weeks ago. back when it was still cool outside. who turned up the heat overnight? guess i'll be going to fewer shows now, and glad i have a stockpile of images to play with. went to fuddrucker's yesterday and about had a heat stroke. not really. i wasn't feeling too good to begin with, add the heat and the sweat, and it was just enough to drive me away too early.

i believe that's the owner, camouflaged in his camo chair, just his leg peeking out. maybe the chair was swallowing him...

i think these are just about my favorite car. gotta be the fins. or wings. “dear god, make me a bird, so i can fly far. far, far away.”