what's up?

this one is “ok”

1959 impala

apparently, i'm hard to read. i mean emotionally. i don't get all cranked up one way or another, at least most of the time.

not long after i married my better half, i had the opportunity to travel to london with my brother. spent about a week there, riding the subway, and walking (well, i was mostly limping—i twisted my knee the first day there) and taking pictures.

i heard some time later, that my brother had to ask my better half if i had enjoyed the trip. apparently, even he couldn't tell. and then my better half had to tell him, “i have no idea. when i asked her to tell me all about the trip, she said, "it was ok", and gave no details." sorry, i'm not a gusher. i hope i've gotten a little better, but i'm sure i'll never fully detail what i saw.

my better half sometimes asks my opinion on things. he's learned the translations of what i said vs what i mean. so if i say something was “ok,” coming out the other end of his babblefish (go read hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy), it was probably fairly “bitchin’.”