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green machine

1950 chevy truck

went down the street to la habra high school's fundraiser car show on saturday. no idea what would be there, but didn't think i could deal with a bigger show on a hot day. ya, it was too hot, and not really any shade unless you chatted with owners under their pop-up tents.

there was maybe thirty to forty cars there for the show, anything from a porsche 911 to old chevys and seventies low riders. several car clubs had cars there.

one of the guys i'd met from the fleetliners came over and asked if i remembered him—met him down at a show in fullerton, and also in santa ana last christmas. told me how his daughter had found the picture i'd shot of his car on the net, and who was kinda pissed because she wasn't able to download it. oops. sorry about that.

there were several cars from the dukes club, including this wonderful truck. it stood out, for its color, for its size, for its perfection. me standing out there with my tripod, led to one of the guys coming over to ask if i was with a magazine or something. when i said nope, his response was along the lines of "darnit," only maybe a little more colorfully.

i have a few more pictures from this show that i'll put out there, but not as many as i would have liked, because, like i said it was hot. why don't you do more shows in the winter? it doesn't rain so much here, and clouds in pictures and reflected on paint are awesome anyway.

after i did a quick run through the aisles, and a stop at the food stand for a coke, i went over and sat in the shade. i packed up the cameras, knowing as soon as i did so, something nice would drive in. yes, while i sat there, another very nice black and white chevy truck drove in, but i was done with the show, and let it go.