what's up?


1959 chevy impala

took this one back at the beginning of the year in el toro. not too many cars almost every time i'd stop. but i do try to at least take one, so my time has not been wasted.

the owner found me down here shooting the back end of the car. well, it is the more interesting view on these. the hood had been open anyway. but he did go round and close it for me. i took a few different angles. better angles had extraneous cars and hoods in them, which i did not like so well. i liked the sky in this one, so it will do. i did particularly like one from the front, the reflection on the hood, but it is otherwise unremarkable, so i'll keep it tucked away for now.

considering going to disneyland to see the fireworks, but not feeling up to the crowds just now. i think i'll pack it in early and skip the celebrations. but you all have a good time, and be safe.