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killing time

1932 buick eight

i had gone to ruby's this evening, expecting to take some pictures of a certain betatted aquaintance's car. well, he had said he hoped to see me there. i arrived a bit earlier than i'd told him, but had waited until a bit later than i said i'd be there at the latest.

well, to kill time, i did what i'd do anyway, and went up and down the three or so aisles of cars, shooting as i went. i suppose many people are still away on the theoretical holiday weekend, so a lot of the regulars were not there. i consoled myself with some cars like this buick. well, you know, when you gotta, you gotta. (da vida baby)

after making the full circuit, i hid in the shade for a bit, while my better half went off with my (our) macro lens to shoot hood ornaments. he always vows to keep the lens for himself when he reluctantly hands it back. i guess it takes really awesome pictures when slapped up front of his big ass camera.

when he returned, i went through the aisles one more time, looking for said betatted man and his car, but no luck. if was going to be there, it was going to be after i left. maybe he'll be at the broiler on wednesday...