what's up?

if i had wings

'59 impala

would this a be a bat or a raven if it were a bird? this sleek ’59 impala was at the garden grove main street show a couple of weeks ago. back when it was still cool outside. who turned up the heat overnight? guess i'll be going to fewer shows now, and glad i have a stockpile of images to play with. went to fuddrucker's yesterday and about had a heat stroke. not really. i wasn't feeling too good to begin with, add the heat and the sweat, and it was just enough to drive me away too early.

i believe that's the owner, camouflaged in his camo chair, just his leg peeking out. maybe the chair was swallowing him...

i think these are just about my favorite car. gotta be the fins. or wings. “dear god, make me a bird, so i can fly far. far, far away.”