what's up?

park it like itz hawwwt

1964 chevy

this chevy is such a fluorescent orange it hurts my eyes. owner keeps it very clean. it's a ’64, i think, but is it a truck, a wagon, a custom...? i dunno.

anyway, he asked me to take a picture of it once before, the first night i stopped at the broiler, and i never really did anything with it. you can see it here. he showed up again at bob's a couple of weeks ago, and again asked if i could take a picture of it.

i like this one a little bit better, since it wasn't crowded into a parking spot, and the angle is better. i also like the earlier shot, as the night's darkness and lights have their own interesting qualities. maybe i'll see it again when the fall is coming, the skies are more spectacular, the sunset earlier, and create a happy meltdown of all the best qualities i want in a picture.