what's up?

looka dat cadillac


did your mother ever tell you, "never look at the sun?" ya, well i've heard that before, but here i am pointing the camera at it, to see what it would do.

this incredible 1960/61 cadillac was parked sideways out by itself in the corner of the ruby's show in whittier last week. i took a few shots, but i don't know if i like the others so much. the way it was parked and the angle of the sun behind me threw a long long shadow...if i got too close to the car, it was on the car, too far back, just kinda want to <yawn>. i can get rid of the shadow, but i dunno. i'll think about working on it another time.

my husband shot it later. even talked to the owner, who said he rarely brings the car out. guess i'll wait patiently until i see it again...