what's up?

shadow firmly sewn to my shoes

1939 ford

so a little bit about my weekend, over the next couple of posts. i think i'll go backwards, since i took so many pictures at several shows.

this one is from sunday. i thought about it in the morning: i could have legitimately hit up five shows in one day easily, but decided to stay put in the morning; then off to two shows, and took a late lunch break at disneyland before cruising over to hooters, on my way home to do some laundry. so i only did three shows. good enough.

there was a ducks game sunday evening, so there were people collecting cash to park in the lot. but i was there for the car show, said so, and i guess i don't look like a hockey fan, so they let me through. i had been there the week before, and there were about a 100 cars up at the front, according to the promoter/dj guy. this time they'd been pushed to the back three rows. 

i stayed about an hour, but there really only seemed to be about thirty cars, but i wasn't particularly counting, so what do i know?

i talked to several people, and saw some familiar faces. even a few of the latin gents, whom i'd seen earlier in the day at the viejitos show—which was absolutely packed and jammed with chevy goodness—but that's a story for another day.

the guy that owns this ford watched me shooting for a while, his and other cars, but finally came over to chat a bit. said he loved to see pictures of his car. so, here is my version of it for your consideration.

ya, that's me. peter pan's shadow didn't get away, but at least it's mostly out of the way.