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1955 chevy

i'm a bit behind on posting. several shows behind in sharing. plenty of cars for rainy days waiting in the wings.

funeral is over, family leaving town, so back to business as usual. and i have been so busy at work. so i'll post some cars from the last few shows i've been to belonging to people who talked to me, and even a few who'd admitted to knowing that i like the hood down, and could prove they'd been reading this drivel, by quoting some of my blather back to me.

here's the first from last week, when i hit three shows in one day. only took a couple of pictures at the show at original mikes in santa ana. it was so windy there, and palm fronds were falling arbitrarily. only a few cars i was interested in shooting there, but i do try to take at least one shot, when i take the time to drive out.

i've seen the owner of this chevy around fairly often, but this was the first time he'd stopped to ask about what i was doing. i liked the shadows playing over the shiny surface.