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“praise the lowered”

chevy special deluxe

praise the lowered

i had an excellent weekend, but its come to an end. found out my former father-in-law had passed just a few hours ago. i was at a car show at the time, of course. my daughter will be flying in tomorrow, my son has a bummer start to spring break. 

he was 90. it was expected, but still, not the end that was wanted. always nice to me, though i could never have a full conversation with him—he only spoke spanish—he had no idea who i was the last time i saw him, six months ago.

anyway, it's almost eleven p.m., and i've finally got my laundry done, and i'm undone, so i'll have to tell you of my weekend another day.

but i did really like this car. its for sale...now if i only had twenty five grand...