what's up?

...on my shoulder

1956 chevy truck

quick post. long day for a holiday. drove to pasadena, drove to norco, drove back home. traffic sucked, but not as much as it will tomorrow.

was awfully clear and sunny, considering that its supposed to rain tomorrow. not hauling my cameras with me, assuming that will be the case by the time i get off work.

yes, i did drive out to east jesus nowhere today. took a number of pictures. but just couldn't decide which to post, so i'll throw up this truck from yesterday at hooters.

i had wanted to catch the sunset, but upon arriving there, realized the show is mostly hidden behind a tall office building. there were bits of sun on the edges, like this piece here. but i was done with the show before the sun went completely down, and i got too cold from the wind and not wearing a jacket.

aside from the sun and the sunburst, i liked the color, and mostly that the hood was closed. thanks for that, as always.