what's up?

lone wolf

1939 ford

i suppose i'm up this late because i slept late this morning. i mean until almost noon. and i hardly ever do that, at least later than nine-thirty. guess i needed it.

so i missed the show in yorba linda. but my mom's foot doctor likes taking pictures of stuff like cars, and happened to have gone to the show and already posted stuff. i guess i didn't really miss anything, as i haven't seen much in his pics that i would have taken a picture of.

went to ruby's yesterday. still not as busy as last year, but there were more varied cars there, which i haven't seen before, or in a while. i've seen this one before, but not at ruby's. pretty sure it belongs to the wolves car club. not quite sure why he wasn't parked over with the rest of the pack, except maybe he got there late.

hey steve, liked your bike set up. had all his camera gear in the baskets on his bike, and just cruised up and down the aisles until he saw something he liked, then got up and set up his tripod. easier than carrying that stuff around. he said its got a motor on it too, for when he's too tired to pedal. that's convenient.

got eddie murphy's "raw" playing while i type this. haven't watched this since i was in high school. remember when he used to be funny...?