what's up?

bevy of chevys

ok, one more from the old memories show, then i'm gonna put up a few from yesterday's solitos show.

i think all of the cars in this shot are old memories' cars. i liked the "patina" on this one. evidence that this isn't the original hood ornament either.


oh, and happy father's day to my dad. he mostly can't hear what i say anymore. i think i'm on a different frequency...to which my better half would probably agree...so i'll just write it here, since i know he peeks once in a while. i'll take him out to dinner in a couple of days, when it isn't so crowded at the restaurants. i don't follow the holiday rules anyway.

celebrate your parents everyday. who knows how much time you will have them. i hope they know that i love them, though we have a tough time saying it to each other. stiff upper lip or something.