what's up?

simply shady

while it wasn't as hot as the previous few days, it was warm with a cool breeze, especially in the shade, at the pharaoh south bay's show at fuddrucker's yesterday. i was hoping for a bigger turnout, but with so many shows going on this weekend, who knows what you will get. 

there were enough for me, anyway. took a bunch of pictures. i particularly like the trees at fuddruckers. i like the shade. they're a pretty backdrop. hate when the wind blows and the leaves get all blurry.

meanwhile, people were up front checking out the vendors and the girl singing mariachi songs. good singer. tunes i used to hear most every weekend when i'd be at my former mother-in-law's house, with all the other relatives and siblings. the performance cleared the area, so i was left to happily take lots of pictures with hardly anyone in them.

i think most of the cars in this shot are pharaohs cars. love the cars. not loving the lens i shot them with and the distortion on the end cars. i left my old lens in the car, but figured if i went to fetch it, the moment would be lost, and the people would be back.

call me wednesday

not my usual car, but i really liked the paint on it. and it was out here by itself. unfortunate that the other club's banner is up there on top of another car's convertible top directly behind it. oh well.

i liked the way it smiled too:

oh ya, regarding the title, anyone watch the addams family movies? my better half remembers seeing the first one, and upon seeing the girl, wednesday, he thought, "holy shit, that's kathy." especially when they come out from the little cabin and she says something to the effect of wanting to be perky, and then tries to smile, thereupon scaring everyone.

ya, that would be me. dark and twisty, and i don't smile a lot unless it's for real...the continuing arguement/discussion of me not smiling at car shows or on demand.  i can't fake one. really, i will, if there's a reason.

hell, that's not true either. i have wedding photos without a satisfactory smile plastered on either. sorry d. photoshop can fix that...joker joker joker!

time is fleeting

1947 chevy fleetline

mmmm. i'm feeling like seeing a nice, sleek fleetline. i blame danny and several of his fleetliners club buddies. i had gone up to whittier yesterday, and they drove past me on greenleaf. my better half said a bunch of other old cars had been elsewhere in town earlier, mentioning in particular this mercury. where you all going??? sometimes i wish you'd put down some sort of bread trail i could follow...

and of course, later on, walking on the same street from the theatre, passed the tribe guy in his chevy, looking for prime parking in front of the cigar bar.

intended to stop by the latin gents show yesterday, but was too overheated and lazy to get out of the house once we got back from the movie. saw monsters university, btw. not bad, even for an adult to enjoy. guessing the artists at pixar grew up with tex avery and looney tunes, like i did.

as i was saying, here's a fleetline. shockingly without one of the pharaohs members walking into the shot. they'd just driven in, and were setting up their tent and getting stuff out of their cars, so there are random people in several of the shots i took of their cars. some i was just too exasperated and was already getting too warm, that i didn't bother to take them. i'll see them again, somewhere else. hopefully not on hot asphalt.