what's up?

month gone

pomona 1-341And9morehdr.jpg

been a month since dad passed. empty space in the house. he’s there, on the shelf, but it just not quite the same.

swear he ‘visited’ the other night while i was at the house. a warm, heavy weight on the bed, across my legs. i guess it could have been a dog, but i prefer to think it was him. said, “i love you dad,” and whatever/whoever it was went away. door was closed, btw, no one walked in, no dog in the house that day. i’ve seen a ghost before, so i’ll just go with it being my dad.

former coworker’s dad was in the hospital during the same time mine was; her dad passed last week. sorry to welcome her to the club.

we have since set my mom up with one of those systems for when you’ve “fallen and can’t get up” situations. came with various ways to communicate with the alert people: a one button necklace; a wrist watch looking thing; a pager thing; a big round button for the wall or desktop; and a ‘hub’ with the two-way speaker system.

my sister tested it briefly the day it arrived. she tested the pieces some more the other day.

i guess the point of the necklace and/or watch is not only to give you a button to push, should you be unable to reach the hub, they also detect the motion of a fall, in case you hit the floor and are unconscious.

so my sister was testing them by dropping them on the floor. that gets followed up by the alarm people calling the hub, expecting something happening, asking if there is an emergency, disappointed to be told they were only testing the things out.

well, later that evening, i was in whittier, my sister wherever it is she lives. we both separately get automated phone calls stating, “they’d received multiple medical alarms and the authorities have been dispatched…” wtf.

at the same time, my mom is getting the same automated message coming out of the hub, and receiving a call on the house phone, same message. they all give a number to call for more info, but it is already too late to stop the emergency dispatch.

mom hadn’t done anything. was just sitting and reading. so, realizing what was about to happen, she headed to the front door. slowly, mind you, she has trouble getting out of a chair.

she opened the front door just as four big muscley fireboys were running up the sidewalk. first guy waves off the others as she says she’s fine, false alarm. she’s so embarrassed, and explains. they say it happens, and they weren’t busy anyway.

she closes the door. she’s furious. hates the system. gets on the phone with my sister and yells that she wants it returned. apparently, my mom is cursing…which she doesn’t do…so you know she really is mad. she is approaching my level of cussing. i’m texting my sister at the same time, asking wtf, so i’m getting the play by play.

mom calls me a bit later to share the experience, but without the cussing. i would have enjoyed that bit. i wonder if the light on the various bits had flashed red before the message came in. she hadn’t noticed. sister-in-law, who ordered the system, was supposed to call the company to see what happened. i haven’t heard where the breakdown was, if it was the robot noticing the earlier testing calls, or that the human on duty had walked away from the phone bank and the terminator had taken over.

she’s calmed down now. my older brother has talked her into keeping the thing. one caveat though, she won’t wear the necklace or watch. they’re just strategically placed around the house. negates the point of them. better than nothing.

better half bets that i would have enjoyed the beefy firefighters as much as i did that one time they showed up at in-n-out for an older woman with chest pains. hot. except for that one guy. he’d be the one i’d get stuck with to give me resuscitation, undoubtedly.

sun came up quickly at pomona. at that point, you just have to start shooting whichever car you are near, to catch that sun hitting just so. i walked quickly among a handful of cars. liked this shot the best.

back home

kustom oldies 1-408And9morehdr.jpg

finally made it home yesterday night. quite sure, i’ve completely used up my time off with pay for the year and then some. but an emergency is an emergency, and i am glad that i was there to help.

my brother is back home, physically all right. still a little on the loopy side, but hoping that will go away after he gets back on his regular schedule.

he has a lovely hospital bed smack in the middle of his office now, and will be visited daily by nurses or therapists or some such personnel.

hopefully i will not feel scared enough for him to have to fly back, but i would.

one more from dolphin park last week. isn’t it lovely?

wasn't there

early morning shot of this burb. owner talked to me later in the morning, and i took a few more shots, but i like the lighting better here. even if the hood is slightly popped open, and it's not in the other pictures. at least it isn't fully up...that's what she said.


two equally excellent car shows occured this past sunday. but i didn't go to either one this year. not the first ones i've missed this year, but most of the others i was out of state, so...it's just been an upside down year, and other priorities are taking over.

i couldn't decide which of the two shows to go to, so chose neither. probably more importantly, with family in town (better half's, and mine), family should come first sometimes. 

the previously mentioned invasion of a dozen or so relatives started friday; most left on sunday. left the two-month old baby behind for a few days to give the mother a break and more time with the two-year old. baby sleeps most of the day, so easy peasy. sister-in-law is gramma, so it's her problem, on top of helping with her own mother. i'm out of practice with dealing with babies, so most i've done is give it a bottle.

the birthday party was a success on saturday, too much food, huge cake. i still managed to sneak out to legg lake for los boulevardos' cruise to the lake show and bbq for a couple of hours beforehand. those pictures coming soon. 

went to bed with a stomach ache, too much food, too much sun. slept in sunday. i could have gone to a show, but still felt, meh, so decided to take it easy, and went south to hang with my bro and parents.  just stayed in oc for the night.

so here i am looking at my calendar for the next show, looking for flyers...maybe i'll just catch up with pictures i have for this weekend. 


1963 chevrolet suburban

here's ron's 'burban again. pretty sure i've posted one or two others over the years. i've noticed little tweaks to it each time i see it.

these rims aren't entirely new, and i've seen them on it before, but not sure if i've posted it with them. so simple and clean, with minimal color-coordinated pinstriping.

last couple of times i've seen him out at shows, he's been driving his beauteous fifty-nine impala.  and i admit, i am more partial to that than this car, but this is nice too. sort of sounds like someone saying the big girl has a nice personality, when you think about it, in a twisty sort of way. might just be me.


at my mom's house tonight. forgot to upload the next pic i had ready from the super cruise, so i'll just pull one that's been on the back burner.

sunrise at pomona swap meet is usually the best--fewer people in the way (they run off to shop for parts and good deals), cars not so jammed together, temperature hasn't reached hellish proportions, even in the summer, and you get that gorgeous morning light. and i don't have time to be picky about cars to shoot; once that sun peeks on the horizon, it hauls ass.

even a beater can be beautiful, but if you're next to a really nice car, like this 'burb, why the hell not? thankfully sitting pretty by itself, i took a few angles of it. i liked these best.

good morning

it's just after six in the morning, on a monday. sitting here, at a fast food joint, not wanting to go to work.

survived another journey down the five freeway, with assholes driving / flying by at one-hundred miles an hour. can't believe anyone needs to drive that fast to get to work, so they are just assholes. went by so quick, didn't actually see their puckered faces. all i can say is, stay in your own effing lanes when you're trying to kill yourselves! i don't want to go with you.

apparently, seventy isn't fast enough.

saw this car while waiting for the dam(n) show to open on new year's day. early, freezing outside, we parked the car and took a turn about the streets, taking advantage of the parked show cars. this one had its lights on, so that was different. i suppose the people inside were just trying to keep warm.

wishing i'd done my usual ten shot exposures, instead of this three shot my better half said to try. i think even he admitted later, that maybe he should have just let me do my thang, as his shots weren't as great as he thought they'd be either.

in the burbs

i should say, burb.

saw this one back at the whittier uptown show last summer. shiny, isn't it?

waiting by the hotel, in the staging area. they always seem to open the show for entries late, so people get out of their cars in staging, leaving the cars alone, and i take advantage of the opportunity.

slept in, instead of going to pomona, my bad. apparently, my better half was really looking forward to going; but then i said i wasn't, he didn't want to go by himself.

he then felt inspired to go climb that big hill that i stare at from the window, while here playing with my pictures. i've been here eight years, and it was the first time up there. nice view.

then, my younger brother is town for a couple of weeks, so we went to take my parents and him out for lunch. fun time.

my better half really enjoys when my brother and i are in the same room, says we both are cut from the same cloth. our sense of humor is twisted, and once we get going, everyone will be laughing. we enjoy making mother shake her head, and ask herself where she went wrong...

one more busy week, then i'm off work for two. so yay, and prepare to spike the football...

memory lane

busy weekend. following a damn busy week at work. several twelve hour days. i'm way behind on playing with my pictures from recent shows. several people i talked to, so, as usual, i said i'd post their cars, so i'm behind on that. and i'm tired.

was out both days this weekend. i've had too much sun, and today, i'm really feeling it. and sore from pulling my bag and hauling my tripod around both days. standing up, squatting low, my legs are feeling it. it's a good sore. now i have another couple of very busy weeks, then a business trip to vegas. any car shows coming up, there?

went to oldies san fernando car show today. missed it last year...was sick as a dog at the time. i'd heard of a few other shows going on today, so had to pick one. knew it was going to be another hot day. can't stand the heat. can't wait for winter to come back.


anyway, i'll start with this car from today in san fernando, since they sent a kid over to ask for my card. nice suburban. i've seen it before. caught here fairly early, sun still going up, making cars glow. this field was still pretty empty in the middle. cars were clustering along the fence, mostly by club. this one belongs to memory lane. memory lane was rather short this year...i vaguely remember a few more cars in previous years.



i'm tired. servers at work never came back up today, and i've got rush jobs that i can't get to the files. so fingers to the temple...POW.

hopefully, the system will be up and running in the morning, so i can rush to meet the deadlines. yay. probably won't be able to sleep, my mind is racing. should have gone and walked my kid's dog today. he wears me down and out.

i'll just put this chevy up for the night and head to bed. let it speak for itself. nice car. wish the back window was closed.

olive drab

1953 chevrolet suburban

i have spent too much time sitting in traffic lately. plenty enough to contemplate inane thoughts.

take this for instance: if they manage to clone a person, whose birthday should the clone celebrate?

thinking about changing my hours at work, since i get there so early to beat the morning rush anyway. i sort of think leaving an hour or even a half hour earlier than i do now won't make a damn difference anyway, but my better half thinks it will, but then he doesn't have to get past the 55 freeway in the afternoon, or that caltrans work up past buena park. pfft. it all sucks.

anyway, he is likely to get called in and go back to work tonight, so i should get going and spend some time with him.

here's one of the tribe's cars. haven't really had a good opportunity to get a shot i like of it. the owner was still polishing it when i was first there.

circled back and caught this shot before the other guys got closer. there's still a group there, but far enough away to not ruin the shot.

and i do like racoon tails.