what's up?

baby blu

chevy truck

two hours into my friday trek home, and i had to stop to peeeeee. the daily drive is getting ridiculous, but i do not know what can be done about it, except to look for a new job and/or work from home, stay at my mom's more often or kick my kid and his wife outta my condo. and then, there's my better half, who is the whole reason i make the trip anyway. god damn, i must really like him, to put myself through the drive.

sitting in a random pizza joint, already off the soda wagon after two days, drowning my sorrows, after relieving my kidneys.

supposed to rain this weekend. really hope it does. thinking i need to upgrade my website to a newer version of service...already a couple versions behind. not looking to redesign it, just to catch up with the customer support, and editing and statistics apps. just will take time that i don't want to spend to figure it out and do it. probably would be required to use the platform's template vs my design. maybe it's a good time to tweak tweakedpixels anyway.

i've seen this truck many times before. liked it sitting here, in the shade, while the owner chatted nearby with his friends.