what's up?

made in the shade

1959 oldsmobile ninety-eight

been a couple of years since i've seen this one. it was at the last whittier uptown show, i've seen pictures of it, but i had to get out of town that day, and didn't get far enough down the street it was on when i rushed through the show.

find this car, you find a dad and his very friendly, well spoken kid. didn't see the dad at first, but the kid walked right over and asked if i remembered him, which i did. don't run into too many kids that straight forward, so he's memorable.

saw the dad sitting with the kid in the corner, by the car, as we were on our way out, so we waved.

better half has spent the day rearranging furniture for his mom, in preparation for bringing the xmas tree in from the garage. the annual xmas blitz. i believe the theme this year is elves, so the tree will be smothered in lights and the elf on the shelf times one-thousand.

heard about the klique show at lincoln park, but wasn't on our calendar, and we had other stuff to get done. kind of a bummer.

i've been out a couple of times today, but only to get some lunch and go to the market—making banana bread and needed walnuts for my mother-in-law's loaf made with splenda vs the good stuff—more a walnut bread with some bananas, i call it her prison loaf. she really likes walnuts.