what's up?

fair day

1959 chevy impala

was my turn to run all over hell and back today. 

decided to run down to the oc fair really quick, to see my pictures on the wall. had to go down to my office just to turn on my computer so i can do an unexpected/unplanned work from home day tomorrow, and the fair was on the way.  

got there just before they opened the parking lot, so got a good, close parking spot near the entrance. then, since i already had my ticket, got to head straight to the entry gate, where i ended up being first in line, which meant i got to stand under the tent cover, out of the sun until official open time at eleven. you don't know how much i needed that. 

they let us in at eleven on the dot. i stopped for a drink before heading to the visual arts building, where i had to sit outside until i finished it, since i wasn't going to trash an eight dollar drink.

found my pictures in the usual place, the far corner of the building. two cars, one ferris wheel...ferris wheel got an honorable mention, wouldn't you know. hope my better half can go see them sometime. 

spent an hour looking at all the other art in the building and enjoying the air conditioning. so chill. the weather outside was actually pretty good, being relatively close to the ocean, a breeze blowing constantly, and some cloud cover as i headed back to my car. 

another ten miles down the freeway, five minutes in the office, and the return trip to whittier, with three stops at various stores, with a brief shopping list at each. hot in whittier, and managed to miss whatever they were doing uptown and streets were open again. 


damn stunning paint job on this impala at the imperials show. usual internal whining about needing to drag a ladder with me sometime. i do love the back ends on these cars, sleek curves up to the arcs of the fins. 

some days i should have just stayed in bed

1958 chevy impala

long day at work, as usual. i like being busy. i had a few days when there was actually very little to do, which is very rare, and i was just bored and falling asleep in my chair.

so the second day with this dog, was ok. took him for a relatively short walk after work. i'm out of shape, i could so feel it in my legs. and then that foot that is already screwed up wasn't too happy about it either. finally made it back home, and thank god my son had turned on the air conditioner. was so hot, and only supposed to get hotter this weekend.

went to the market, and got food for tomorrow. got home and tackled the bathroom, that apparently isn't part of my son's cleaning routine. i feel much better now that i won't be attacked by the slime monster that was living in there.

tried to get this picture posted last night, but first, the web site host was down, so it wasn't going to happen anyway; and second, soon after i figured that out, my computer decided to freeze up and i had to turn it off anyway. then, realizing that it was after eleven p.m., didn't bother to turn it back on to see if i'd lost my work.

apparently, the file was ok, as i'd saved it not too long before the crash. ain't it nice what overcast skies can do for a picture? my better half shot this car too, but from a different angle, and being on the main drag where the river of people walked by, his has quite a lot of people-related blur across the door. maybe he has another shot without so many people. must be the angle i got it, where i don't really see all the people walking behind me reflecting back in the paint.

one of too many other wonderful cars. not sure which one to do next. pretty much need to close my eyes and point at the screen.

and i gotta post the other shots of that pontiac...hopefully tonight. after the dog is thoroughly worn out and doesn't need my attention.