what's up?


1959 chevrolet impala

same clubs and cars always seem to get these spaces under the solar panels at san fernando. i suppose because they usually pull the wheels off, and stick mirrors under them, tossing shiny marbles around as decoration.

i guess i understand the why, but at that point, i usually move along. not interested in the soft underbelly of the car, and all the clean chrome that might be found there. 

caught this one before they had a chance to pop the hood, or balance it up on three wheels or something similar. pretty sure he moved it soon after i took this shot, since i only have the one of it.

after a few hours research, and looking at the last minute booking prices, we decided to just take a train down to san diego for our vacation. better half had an email with an incredible deal on a room for a week, as compared with other hotels in the area.

anywhere else in the united states, aside from washington dc, was going to be out of the question due to price and/or weather issues, so one less thing to worry about.

last time we did a week anniversary trip in san diego, it rained most of the week. really didn't matter. i like the rain, and i like to hang out with the better half, so we did fine. forecast this year is hot and sunny, so hoping to get out a bit and see stuff.

too bad we're gonna miss the last games of the baseball season by a week. had an opportunity to get four tickets to a padres game last week, but i just got back from my road trip, and couldn't do it. my son's former college roommate made the team a year or so ago, and seems to be doing well. would have been fun to watch him play.

well, the good news is that we will be able to get to the saint hilary's show on saturday; bad news, we'll be unable to go to san pedro—have fun jimbo39. take lots of pictures and post them!