what's up?


1954 chevy bel air

saw this car pull up in the middle of the lane in front of the gym at san fernando high school, during move in for the show in july. he jumped out and took a few shots of his ride with the building behind it. figured as long as he was doing that, i'd just ask if he minded if i got a shot too.

not one of my best, and it seems a little out of focus, but maybe that just gives it a more dream-like early morning quality. ya, i'll go with that excuse. i like it anyway.

we are getting so bad about planning our anniversary trips as the years go by. used to book them six months in advance, and have something to look forward to and plan for.

the last few, maybe a couple months of planning. don't really get the best deals that way, but we don't go to crazy ass places anyway. better half needs to get a passport one of these years...but that's another story.

now, we had to schedule our vacation early this year, but in another week, better half's sister will be here to take car of their mom, and we are going to...hell if i know. we have nothing planned. i just blew a wad, showing my mom a good time, and doing my kid a favor.

not that we don't enjoy our time together; we're just both so effn busy with each of our jobs, and me chasing cars and working on pictures on my free time. and just not having any particular place in mind that we gotta see.

just know we gotta get away from the grind at work, and it really is an increasing workload. and yes, our employers flip out when we are away. somehow a good chunk of the work doesn't get touched and is waiting for our return, followed by a frenzy of "missed" deadlines.

i just don't know. and to top it off, we're early this year, and the san pedro show is late, running the weekend we are supposed to take off. same with st hilary's. so that sucks.

at least we should be back for the dia de muertos show, which is just up the street, so that will be nice to return to.

now i'm just rambling about shit no one cares about, but i can, so i will.