what's up?

fuck chipotle

1965 chevy impala

saw this at legg lake, end of summer cruise. very clean, and not one i typically care about. but i like nice pinstripes, and the tail lights are distinctive, so there you go.

i grow tired of going to the same places for lunch every day at work. don't get me wrong, there are a lot more fine dining establishments nearby, but i get an hour, and i dont want to pay twenty bucks for something fancy every day.

so end of last week, i thought i'd give chipotle a shot again. it had been a while since they'd been in the news for food borne illness, and figured maybe they had gotten their shit together.

well, they must have gotten their shit together. the employees must have put that shit into the carnitas, cuz i got sick a day later, and felt like shit all weekend. chills and cramps. it was over a hundred outside, but i was under a blanket off and on for a day.

as usual, there wasn't much of a line there. the enthusiastic employee that greeted me and served up my burrito was really quite nice, though a bit over the top, but i think that it was just his personality.

now on the other side of a crap weekend, i'd really just like to reach over that glass partition, grab him by his chubby face, and scream, "i know it was you, fredo!" then invite him to go for a ride on a boat to catch some fish...

anyway, i didn't do much for most of the weekend. late sunday, i did manage to go uptown, to snap a picture of an old car i'd seen drive by the window. but no shows for me. just sleeping, crapping, and whining about the cramp in my side. yay. 

never say never, but it will be a very long time before i venture into that place again. thanks, fredo.