what's up?

a scare

1959 chevrolet impala

went to the harbor knights hit-a-thon car show rather late today. i vacillated all morning, and the clouds outside seemed about ready to burst for a good while. finally flipped a coin, thus deciding it.

of course most halfway there, it starts to sprinkle. i momentarily pull into the in-n-out lot, ready to throw in the towel and have lunch. but then i decided, i'd just head over and see if anything/anyone was still there.

sprinkles let up the closer to the beach i got.

got to the high school, saw banners at the entrances, but could not see a show from the street. almost thought it was over, but then this impala drives up. i had gotten out of my car, about the same time, heard an announcer somewhere mumble something, then the music started.

so he figured out the gate was unlocked, and drove in, and i followed. show was hidden behind the buildings, on the basketball courts. super secret. glad i got out of my car.

this was a beautiful car...

being that it's now after midnight, i'll have to continue later.

let's just say, after the show, had a family emergency, and that's all i'm going to say about that.