what's up?

ninja turtles

i'd like to think that manhole cover is about to fly several feet in the air, and leonardo is going to spring out and kick shredder's ass. but only if it's the turtle from the original movie, not the roid ragers from the reboot. really, can't hollywood do anything new, without creaming themselves on updating old, perfectly good movies in search of an easy dollar?

hopefully, said manhole cover won't hit that pretty chevy back there. from a hot day in los angeles, at a church show i'd never been to, and only did because i had other plans cancelled. i think i would go again, earlier, if they host the show again next year.

vegas, baby

here i sit, all by my lonesome. meetings all week. missed pomona this morning.

spent a few hours walking around an automobile collection/display at the linq in las vegas. no tripod, and indoors, so curious if any of the shots came out ok. using a camera i hardly ever use, since i didn't want to haul the big bag out here. it can wait at home with my better half...next saturday is whittier uptown car show, at last! also supposed to go to a bridal shower that same morning, but we'll see...


last post until i get back, since i had this picture ready to go. blvd bombs car show in los angeles, i think a couple of their cars. i liked the pop of that yellow car, and also that it was a fleetmaster--just love the lines on those and fleetlines. the church building behind somehow just helps the composition. i liked it, anyway.


sun starting to set here, so over and out...night d.