what's up?

almost forgot

i had to boot up an old computer yesterday, to do some work at home, connecting to my puter at the office. today, i had the day off, to get my car fixed. needed regular maintenance and a new starter. awesome.

they needed the car until the end of the day, so i was stuck at home. since the computer was still hooked up, i figured i'd take a look at what files i had on there. found some 2013 files on the hard drive. while looking through over four hundred and fifty pictures of stuff i'd tagged to work on (shows you all the cars i'll probably never get around to fiddling with), i saw stuff from the old memories eastside veterans' day show.

i forgot that the holiday was coming up. i suppose since i haven't been out much lately, no one had a chance to tell me about it. a little internet search confirms that they are having the show again this year...would have been so bummed if i'd missed it. we really enjoy their show.

so, we'll be there early next week. better half is already thinking of getting his wagon out and setting up his video camera contraption he can roll down the street. me, i'll be doing the thing i like doing best, hauling my tripod and picking out my favorite cars and bikes to shoot.

shaggin’ wagon

getting ready to head over to the latin gents' monthly show. going to shoot some sunset pics for a change. then maybe dinner at disneyland. by myself. single-rider pass on a ride or two maybe. better half staying home playing with a camera, and then going to the market, supposedly.

hoping to get up early and drive out to pomona in the morning. doesn't look like rain at all. probably next week, when mooneyes happens.


saw this wagon up at the end of the street at the old memories ela veteran's day show. was still getting shined up the first time i wandered past. fortunately, i went up and down the street a few times.

pretty car. not quite positive about the year. that's typical. sometimes, people actually send an email and let me know. sometimes, i won't even guess. 

green with touches of red—that's about as xmasy as i'm going to get. i think i'll print it out and hang it with others on my cube walls at work.

fun land?

so the beginning of the holidays. so the beginning of my annual crap attitude. don't know why. just don't care about the holidays anymore. just want to hide until they are over.

but i do like the time off. i have so many deadlines at work right now. thought about logging on and getting some of it out of the way, but decided not my fault they are letting all that work pile up; i was going to have a long weekend too. i'll be stressed out on monday, but oh well.

anyway, i've spent a couple of days watching game of thrones again. relatives are visiting, and they've put up the tree and wrapped the zillion lights on the branches. they're all helping my mother-in-law throw up christmas all over the house. i don't even want to go shopping.


nice truck. don't think i've seen it before. i really just liked how it looked from here.

still trying to figure out why, or is it how, that business could be called childrens dental fun land. some of those words just don't jive together. or if i let my imagination run...for starters, i envision slides and bounce houses with dentists chasing kids with pointy instruments; maybe closer to a stephen king novel, with dentists instead of clowns...


getting late again...how does that keep happening? gotta get some sleep, gotta get stuck with a big needle tomorrow. i think i'm stalling going to bed...maybe morning won't get here so soon...

i had a whole story in my head earlier, and now it's completely flown from my head. so i'll just let this picture do the talking.

here comes the sun

found this guy waiting way too long to be told where to park his car. sitting in the middle of the street, not much around him, sun coming up behind him. after waiting almost too long, i decided to get a few shots, and hope they didn't move him before i was done. liked this one best. if he happens to want a print, he can order one here.

he was none too happy that they left him sitting so long, but i didn't mind. find your happiness where you can, right?

tired, so i'll shut up now and get some sleep.

not pat

my better half got up early and said he'd go with me to the old memories veterans day show this morning. glad he did; i was going to sleep in.

got there while they were still rolling in, and found a good parking place. someday we should really buy a nice old chevy, so we could be sure to get parking without a problem.

show was in a good location and was well organized. 

so many cars to choose from, didn't know where to begin. left him shooting a car at one end of the street, and i headed up the other way.

lots of cars i've seen before, and many people i've met before too. my better half sent over a few guys to introduce themselves as well. they always go to him; he's perky, or maybe less scary to talk to. 

couple of other guys came over while i was shooting a car. they were chatting with my better half behind me. i vaguely heard someone saying something about the famous pat. i turned around to say huh, realized they were asking me if i was the famous pat. i guessed they meant kat, since they were in the same club as another guy that calls me kat. in that case, yup, me, the infamous kat. lol.

it was a fun day. met lots of guys. lots that want to see pictures. i'm hoping i'll remember which cars i said i'd post. if i talked to you, please send me an email to remind me which car is yours.

i know for sure this guy wanted to see it. i've posted it here, if he happens to want to buy a print of it.

everyone else can go peek at some of the unprocessed pictures here.