what's up?

not pat

my better half got up early and said he'd go with me to the old memories veterans day show this morning. glad he did; i was going to sleep in.

got there while they were still rolling in, and found a good parking place. someday we should really buy a nice old chevy, so we could be sure to get parking without a problem.

show was in a good location and was well organized. 

so many cars to choose from, didn't know where to begin. left him shooting a car at one end of the street, and i headed up the other way.

lots of cars i've seen before, and many people i've met before too. my better half sent over a few guys to introduce themselves as well. they always go to him; he's perky, or maybe less scary to talk to. 

couple of other guys came over while i was shooting a car. they were chatting with my better half behind me. i vaguely heard someone saying something about the famous pat. i turned around to say huh, realized they were asking me if i was the famous pat. i guessed they meant kat, since they were in the same club as another guy that calls me kat. in that case, yup, me, the infamous kat. lol.

it was a fun day. met lots of guys. lots that want to see pictures. i'm hoping i'll remember which cars i said i'd post. if i talked to you, please send me an email to remind me which car is yours.

i know for sure this guy wanted to see it. i've posted it here, if he happens to want to buy a print of it.

everyone else can go peek at some of the unprocessed pictures here.